Ryan’s Going and Posting About Politics

Ryan, after some period of denials, announced that he’s not going to run for re-election.

Good riddance to awful rubbish.

I’d like to write something that hasn’t been done to death about Old Zombie Eyed Granny Starver (though that phrase sums him up pretty well). His wildly undeserved reputation as a policy “wonk” has been done to death.

Will the media please stop fawning over bog standard evil assholes? However blue their eyes?

One thing I’ve not been posting about in this Year of Blogging Daily is current politics in spite of the…extreme amounts of fodder. It’s mostly because I don’t see a niche. I can rant pretty well about a million things, but there’s plenty of good ranters out there. I guess I don’t see an interesting niche for me yet. I like connecting the literature to events, but that doesn’t make thingsĀ easier and I already blog some about the literature.

I’d like to participate in something that had a chance of being effective. I’d happily join a hack squad trying to close the hack gap if I thought that’d be useful. There might be an analytical niche I could fill (political tech?).


The Viz Fallacy

Taxonomies are fun and usually treeshaped. Trees are “easy” to visualize. When people have a taxonomy they often like to visualize them.

But the results aren’t always so nice. Given that this is a taxonomies of fallacies, I found their misuse of a visualization highly amusing. It is also reminiscent of one of my thesis topics (non logical reductios).

mc et al called this the pathetic fallacy (of RDF).

Missed a Day?

Boo! The streak is broken. Travel, plus symposium, plus what seems to be impending illness have conspired to blank out yesterday. I definitely am functioning under a cognitive deficit (remembering stuff is super hard right now).

Oh well! My average is still >1/day and I’ll backdate this post (so it’s on the missed day) and add another.

The key isn’t that I slipped but to ensure that the slip doesn’t cascade.

Maya Angelou’s “Letter to My Daughter”

Get it. Read it. Better year, listen to her read it. It’s so amazingly funny you’ll find yourself laughing like crazy. It’s everything else you’d expect: wry, witty, touching, strangely lyric, intelligent, etc but above all, for me, joyfully funny.

At some point I’ll pull together all the literary references to yellow pads, but the one in this book is memorable.

Music Monday: Why ARE the Other Unicorns Dead?!?

Not the title, but a key line:

I just love it. But I would. There aren’t enough non-embarrassing unicorn songs.

One thing that’s sorta annoying (but sometimes isn’t) is that they indulge in the punk/indie affectation of antimusicality, esp in vocals. Not throughout the song, but definitely a bit when the second singer comes in.

I get it. It’s an effect. But…it’d be a pretty and fun and surprising song without that. So…why?

Sunday Baking: Bread, cake, and bars

The holidays are waning so time to try to get back on a routine. As I don’t have a dough going in the fridge (we needed the room for Noruz), I tried another 1 hr bread. This one is half whole wheat with seeds.

These recipes generate such giant loaves! I need to make small loaves. The result is rather nice. I ran it with the dough hook for a while and the rise was more than 20 minutes. (The recipe used the microwave steam box method.)

Crumb was ok and chewy. I forgot the water to crisp up the crust. It’s been holding up pretty well.

I also made an angel food cake:

That’s a yummy lemon glaze on top. Still don’t have a clue how to make the one I want.

And yesterday I made a pumpkin chia oatmeal bar:

Why, you may ask? Well I’m supposed to get more Omega 3s and chia is a dubious way to do so. They are also high in protein and fibre which I’m trying to up. Also, every now and again I get on a 70s style, diet for a small planet, health food kick. These taste quite alright and have a decent texture. They don’t need to be this sweet and could use some nuts. I might play around some more with the recipe.

OWLReady Not Ready For Me

Every now and again I see a new OWL oriented library for a language I use and I get excited. I’d love to have something equivalent to the OWL API in Python! And look! There’s OWLReady! OWLReady2 even! It parses multiple syntaxes, uses sqlite as a store, connects to HermiT for reasoning, has some SPARQL support…YAY! It even has some interesting looking Python-OWL integration. YAY!

Or rather boo. It’s not axiom oriented. It doesn’t follow the structural specification. Further more, the module structure is confusing and I think I’ve already hit some major bugs. Given how far away it is from the axioms, it seems unlikely as a focus for collaboration.

This makes me sad! I wish them well. The developer certainly was nice enough.