Suicide Eitology

Bourdain and Spade killed themselves recently. Celebrity suicide engender a lot of unfortunate reactions. Two key families of unfortunate reactions are the “but they had such enviable lives!” and the “they are selfish!” families.

One thing to remember is that suicide in Western countries is correlated with a lot of factors and esp with a set of mental and physical illnesses:

Now some of the substance cases might’ve correlative rather than causal ie heavy cannabis might be more likely to be self medicating eg cancer pain.

If you look at risk factors, negative life events (death of a family member, divorce, financial ruin) are big risk factors and those tend to stand out in our minds. But a lot of chronic conditions such as major depression have acute phase which result in suicide. Treating this isn’t trivial and living with such conditions isn’t easy.

I suspect, overall, it’s healthier for survivors to take a medicalising rather than a moralising perspective but who knows.


Whiny Post

Well, I have a hand surgery date. It is, of course, while Zoe is away. So either she moves her travel, I move my date, or a kind friend drives me home from Wigan. Woo.

My corneal crap has been acting up (can barely see the screen) and I’ve been perpetually exhausted. I just want to sleep all the time.

Bodies are such rubbish!

5 months of nearly daily blogging

My average is still a bit more than one post a day, but I had a few missed or sort of missed days. (One was missed because of travel to Florida…subjectively, I posted “on the day”.)

Rather more last second posts and I’ve not had a backlog in a while. One thing that put me off the backlog was the way dates seem to be embedded in URLs on saved posts. It’s a small thing, but it gets in the way.

I hesitate to post things that I would be happy to post on Facebook. Small posts and quick hits or brief observations feel more natural over there. Who knows?!

Still, I think I’ve put up some reasonable writing. But some of the more in depth posts are still languishing in drafts.

Compostable Dinnerware

I may be a travel mug and tea/coffee set addict. I have two stainless steel, vacuum travel mugs (one is in semi retirement). But my current daily weapon of choice is a pink eCoffee cup which is supposed to be mostly compostable and recyclable. It is a tad small, the heat sleeve doesn’t really work, and I’ve had trouble surge the lid. But it biodegrades! That led. E to find a whole line which is similarly biodegradable and beautiful. Bowls, plates, cups…the works. We may be upgrading in the near future.

I suspect I’m going to get a Stojo too because, I mean, it collapses!

Update: And, of course, this morning I discover I’ve lost the silicone lid to my eCoffee cup. I guess I have to get a Stojo to replace it!

Brexit and Trump

These two votes were really bad. Both involved bad faith, lies, and cheating by the winning side. Both haven’t quite matured into the disaster they likely will be. In both case, the public hasn’t decisively turned against the folly and the elites keep dodging or protecting it. In both cases the staggering incompetence and corruption of the Conservative party is just shocking to the most cynical.

A small sensible swing in both cases would have left us all so much better off.

We’re not at the disaster point yet. The UK hasn’t yet left the EU. Trump hasn’t had his Saturday night massacre or Iraq War folly. But bad things are happening and bad things are building up. It’s clear. Crystal clear. In some sense, it wouldn’t take that much to avoid the disaster and yet it seems so impossible.


Maybe I am? By “sick” I mean “undergoing an infection driven physiological shift”. I’ve been¬†so tired,¬†so early that it seems unusual. Zoe was sick earlier in the week. I’ve had a bit of throat irritation (Zoe had a bad sore throat). There’s been a bit of phlegm. Today, I walked home a bit early and thought I was going to collapse along the way. It wasn’t as bad as one time last year when I thought I was going to have to lie down on the sidewalk, but it bore some resemblance.

I’m hoping it’s a transient infection, but of course it could be the mysterious thing plaguing me for quite some time now. Since that tends to fluctuate, either way I can reasonable hope to feel better soon.

Zoe news tomorrow…


Missed a Day?

Boo! The streak is broken. Travel, plus symposium, plus what seems to be impending illness have conspired to blank out yesterday. I definitely am functioning under a cognitive deficit (remembering stuff is super hard right now).

Oh well! My average is still >1/day and I’ll backdate this post (so it’s on the missed day) and add another.

The key isn’t that I slipped but to ensure that the slip doesn’t cascade.