This Week in Zoe News

Quick summary: Whistle did not win a Grammy but “President is Folk Alliance’s song of the year. Probably the right way round if you only get one!

Roots Magazine (Canada) had a write up:

The Song of the Year award was presented by Lisa Schwartz. Zoe Mulford won that award for her song “The President Sang Amazing Grace,” which was very ably recorded by the legendary Joan Baez. Ms. Mulford accepted the award with immense humility and grace and thanked the folk music community for its part in the song coming to the attention of Ms. Baez, who had heard it on folk radio and then chose to record it herself.

Here’s a very nice write up of one of Joan’s recent concerts:

When she introduced ‘The President Sang Amazing Grace’ she said it was about Obama visiting a church to console the survivors of a shooting. The song told the rest of the story and I was in tears once again like I was for much of the night. I can’t describe how spot on the song is and how well the sad story is told. 

The news was not voluminous but it was cool.


“President” is Folk Alliance’s Song of the Year!


Given that Zoe traveled to Montreal not long after getting back from a long trip to the US, not long before her next trip to the US, with terrible sciatic pain, into a 26 year record snowstorm…let’s just say I’m glad it was not for naught.

Her acceptance speech was live streamed and pretty good! She read the names of the murdered which I like a lot.

I grabbed some screenshots. It was very exciting even remotely:

Skin Sensitivity

The all nighter was a success but now am I arthritisy with the worst bit being all over skin sensitivity and pain. This happens to various degree. At KR/DL in 2006 I woke up because the very light sheets was causing me too much pain just from the pressure. This isn’t as bad but now I can’t sleep.

So I’m watching the Folk Alliance live stream hoping Zoe wins:

Hidden Things

My mom went through a phase where she was hiding gummy worms in my brother’s stuff. (Gummy worms were pretty new in our parts.) My other brother and I only twigged because she hid one in his cheesesteak and that didn’t work out so well. She put Mexican hat gummies in my hat but I think that was a secondary gesture to keep me from feeling left out.

Why gummy worms? Why my brother? There may be a back story but it’s just as likely a whim.

Of course, I’ve told Zoe these stories (partly to explain some of my own quirks).

This is what I found today:

That is an eye in the lychee box.

Why do we have an eye to put in the lychee box? It was a back up Halloween thing she made for me in case the unicorn horn didn’t work out.

When confronted with the eye of the lychee storm, she said: “I didn’t want it to go to waste!”

This Week in Zoe News

Grammys this weekend and Folk Alliance next week. Next Friday’s post will be interesting! But there’s a bit of news this week. (I hope the Boots’ readers are right about Joan winning!)

We’ve looked at (and Zoe proofed) the galley’s for “The President Sang Amazing Grace: The Picture Book”. It’s looking good! Publisher’s Weekly also mentions it as a forthcoming title.

There is a video of Zoe’s performance at the MLK Community Health Foundation’s Sharing the Dream lunch:

There’s not a lot of Zoe in it (they mostly reply the music video) but it’s interesting to watch it with Zoe’s version. She had to put a fair bit of work into making it fit to the video as Joan’s versions has extra space. You can see Zoe starting around 3:57. Worth a watch!

And you can see her on the red carpet!

Some nice candids as well:

Here’s Zoe with the OK Factor singing “Hard Times”:

This Week in Zoe News

There was a nice video of a “Joan and Joni” tribute act covering “The President Sang Amazing Grace” (Joan version, natch):

The call out at the start was fun.

There was mention in a random column:

Grace has to do with courteous goodwill, simple elegance or refinement of movement, or in matters of faith, the free and unmerited favor of God. By whatever definition, it’s always recognizable and reassuring. As I watch, with dismay and embarrassment, the current president play out his idea of barely acceptable conduct in the highest office, the notion of grace often comes to mind, but from its conspicuous absence.

I recently heard Joan Baez’s new song, “The President Sang Amazing Grace” and calming memories flooded in of the consummate grace of Barack and Michelle Obama. To paraphrase her song, a young man entered a house of prayer in Charleston, a welcomed stranger. Who sat with them for an hour and seemed to pray before drawing a gun to kill nine, both old and young. Some time later, mourners gathered with the President, with cameras and microphones broadcasting to the nation. Words about one man’s hate, the nation’s shame, some sickness of the mind or soul and how to heal.

And the refrain: “But no words could say what must be said / For all the living and the dead / So on that day and in that place / The President sang “Amazing Grace” / My President sang “Amazing Grace.” Nothing better epitomizes for me the nature of the man who was last our president than that moment. He was one with Charleston mourners and all of us, speaking to our better angels. Not contrived for a photo op but naturally so.

Otherwise, not much!

Weekend after the coming there’s the Grammy’s and the week after that is the Folk Alliance awards, so maybe some cool wins to report!