A Week of Blogging Fail

I went a whole week without blogging. BOO! I was commenting a bit more on LGM but really illness and class knocked me out. And then it snowballed.

I’ll try to post two a day for this week. But it might be slapdash.

My anxiety was brutal last week as I had to prepare a new class with material I inherited which was challenging to interpret much less prep.

Plus figure out how the changes affected the coursework. Yeek.

Per usual, it worked out. Per usual, it cost me an all nighter.

The lecture itself felt really really good. I’m working on whole class participation and I think it was working ok. I did a retrospective of the prior week first as outline and then again as slide snippets. I was able to emphasize how they should be pulling things to get in their heads. Then we applied it to the new material.

I came out tired and happy. And with a brutal sore throat. I also manage to spill not so hot tea over me and the desk. Yay.


Happy Halloween

I spent it mostly in bed though I did roust myself to make some severed finger cookies:

I didn’t wear a costume today but I did wear a unicorn horn to the last day of class. Zoe carved a cyclopsicorn lantern:

We never ever get trick or treaters. I don’t even see any out there. I’ve never lived anywhere as an adult where I got to give out candy. This makes me sad.

I’ve been ill on Halloween more often than not since starting the first period of Hell schedule. The worst was when I bought some candy to give out. As no one came, I ate it, as one is wont to do (it was chocolate!). But I had a noorovirus so spent the next 6 hours or so vomiting up chocolate. It was horrible. Weirdly the chocolate vomit tasted very chocolately and not very acidic.

For the next few months I couldn’t stand to look at a piece of chocolate much less eat any.

And that’s my scary Halloween story!

Colds Are Weird

Zoe’s lingery respiratory thing finally hit me hard enough to stay home (or rather go home early). When I start feeling chilled it’s really time to give up.

One weird part of aging is how my colds and flu experience changes. For the first few years in the IK I’d get about one a year and it followed the exact same pattern: drippy, then sore throat, then one nostril blocked, then both, then one cleared, then the other and about a week until I was recovered.

Then I started having less nose blockage and more coughing. I’d cough for up to six weeks after an episode.

Two or three years ago I just didn’t stop coughing from Feb to Dec. And it was brutal, wake you up in the night coughing.

Now it seems to be low congestion and low coughing but fairly malaise inducing.

This is probably better than all the others (esp the 11 month coughing) but it’s weird. I don’t know if it’s flu shots (but these seem cold like?) or what. I kinda miss the more severe blockage…it had a well defined course. Now the edges of it all are blurred.

Class Prep

I find class prep really difficult. It drives my anxiety to absurd levels so I end up pulling multiple all nighters.

The actual doing is ok. I like pedagogy. A lot actually. But every little change feels me dread. It’s usually non specific but I can make it specific if I put forth the effort. That’s a bad idea. Non specific is way better than specific!


Today is my first class of the season. I do mean all of today. I’ve got a minimum 8 contact hours. Same again tomorrow and so on for five weeks. Yeek.

A week ago I had my final OT appointment. This concludes this cycle of corrective surgery for the arthritis induced deformity of my right hand. It doesn’t mean I’m done or even done with these folks. I’ll have a surgical follow up in a few months and we’ll probably discuss next steps if any. I have 5 kindssplints in active rotation for not less that a year. I have two “protective” splints designed to protect the gains induced by the surgery. These generally try to hold the hand in a neutral position.

I have two “stretching” splits designed to push the hand toward great extension or contraction. The former don’t hurt. The latter do.

I have one odd “protective” splint I use while typing.

That’s a lotta splints. I’m always putting them on or taking them off.

I will say that a lotta splits beats a lotta meds. I’m on nothing right now after decades of anything from 1 to 7-8.

Stabbing Pain

I got a bit intense with my new splint and ended up with stabbing pains radiating in from by skin for about a week plus some new “bumps” near my scars. I finally talked to the OTs and they were all “oh that’s normal; you’re not damaging anything, the nerves are just sensitive”.

I’m glad? But it’s weird to have ones body doing new things and not fun new things.


I had another follow up to my hand surgery. Clinic followed by hand therapy appointment. Clinic was basically “Looks good! All your concerns are valid but 1) we’re done, 2) therapy will do the job, and 3) did I mention we’re done?”

The therapist was a bit better and made em new splints. I can “hinge” my hand (ie contract around the knuckles) 70 degrees where 90 would be more normal. That’s not bad. There may be more gain to be had but the current issue is that the fingers are really stiff: those small joints do not want to flex. So that’s what we’re working on.

I have scars!

The horizontal scar across the knuckles is the new one and it’s filling in pretty well. But I noticed my vertical scars from last year have become noticeable again.

The ones on the front give you a good idea where my scars are headed. Detectable but not prominent.

Of course, there’s the burn:

I suspect it’s going to fade a bit. At least, I hope so. If not, I might seriously consider incorporating it into some body art. Which isn’t really me, but if I have a big ole bright scar…why not?