Stabbing Pain

I got a bit intense with my new splint and ended up with stabbing pains radiating in from by skin for about a week plus some new “bumps” near my scars. I finally talked to the OTs and they were all “oh that’s normal; you’re not damaging anything, the nerves are just sensitive”.

I’m glad? But it’s weird to have ones body doing new things and not fun new things.



I had another follow up to my hand surgery. Clinic followed by hand therapy appointment. Clinic was basically “Looks good! All your concerns are valid but 1) we’re done, 2) therapy will do the job, and 3) did I mention we’re done?”

The therapist was a bit better and made em new splints. I can “hinge” my hand (ie contract around the knuckles) 70 degrees where 90 would be more normal. That’s not bad. There may be more gain to be had but the current issue is that the fingers are really stiff: those small joints do not want to flex. So that’s what we’re working on.

I have scars!

The horizontal scar across the knuckles is the new one and it’s filling in pretty well. But I noticed my vertical scars from last year have become noticeable again.

The ones on the front give you a good idea where my scars are headed. Detectable but not prominent.

Of course, there’s the burn:

I suspect it’s going to fade a bit. At least, I hope so. If not, I might seriously consider incorporating it into some body art. Which isn’t really me, but if I have a big ole bright scar…why not?

Another No Baking Sunday

I’d like to blame the hand. It’s healing nicely:

It’s still weak, lacking in range of motion, and I’m worried about regression.

I’m just mopey. Which is a deprecating way of describing a certain sort of ineffectuality I experience. It’s often associated with depression (it makes things hard to do) and with anxiety (anxiety about doing things makes no doing anything more pleasant to do).

I did get a bit of a walk yesterday and saw a cool outdoor budgie aviary:

OTC Differences

One of the more amusing quirks we observe having moved the UK from the US (a looong time ago, now) is differences in what’s legal (or common) to sell over the counter without a prescription.

One of my go to drugs (back in the day, it’s become less effective for me for headaches and I don’t need it so much otherwise) is Naproxen. For a long time I thought it was just unavailable because no one marketed it, but it turns out that it needs a prescription in the UK! And yet you can get Tylenol with codeine OTC in the UK!

(I really have to track down that decision making.)

After reading a pretty comprehensive article on melatonin, I was frustrated from trying it out because it’s not OTC in the UK, whereas you can as easily get 5mg and 10mg pills (which seem all the wrong doses) in the US as vitamin C tablets.

One thing that hit me searching for melatonin in the UK was how depressing supplement stores are. It’s almost certainly the case that most of the normal stuff (like vitamin C tabs) is worthless for most people in most situations, but the more elaborate stuff is all snake oil. Or fish oil, as it turns out.

Giant Pins Ripped from My Bones

We’re three weeks out of my surgery and today I had the k wires removed. I also finally saw an x-ray!

I did not see this until after they yanked those bone piercing railroad spikes. I did see the spikes themselves and I still don’t understand how they fit inside my fingers.

Check out the fake knuckles! It’s weird. They’re weird.

The sutures are doing ok (yay, hydrocolloidal bandaids; get ’em and use ’em):

So, alignment looks good but we didn’t see much range of motion improvement from last week. Removing the pins might help. I have some new guidance on the old exercises and will add in some passive stretching.

Augmenting Hearing with Earbuds

Given the prevalence of mics, wireless connections, and earbuds, it’s not surprising that we’d see attempts to augment hearing with these.

I’ve tried two thus far, IQBuds and Jabra Elite 65t. The IQBuds did better on bringing in the outside sound and suppressing non voice sounds but they didn’t really work. They were also falling apart. Most importantly, they would screech with feedback a lot. Anytime I touched them with the mics on (eg to control them) it was high risk. The Jabra have better sound and better mics for making phonecalls, but the pass through isn’t brilliant and they have no noise filtration.

Apple is going to let you use your phone mic to augment your hearing. That’s a great idea! Your phone’s mic is very good. It has noise filtration. You can position it close to the source. I’ve been wanting this for a while!

I hope they open it up to all earbuds. AirPods are cool, but they don’t provide noise isolation.