Sunday Baking: No Knead, “5 minute” Whole Wheat Bread

Zoe wanted an incentive to get up earlier in the morning and I’d been baking a lot of bread. Many doughs can be kept in the fridge overnight and even benefit from doing so. But the brioche I’d been make still took a lot of time the night before.</;>

Then I remember I’d explored the “bread in 5 minutes a day” approach

. Basically, you make ≈5lbs of no knead bread dough and keep it in the fridge. When you want a loaf, cut off a chunk (usually about 1 lb), shape it, proof it, and bake it.

It works out pretty well!

The main issue I had was my container was too small. So it overflowed in the first warm fermentation and the first overnight cold ferment. Oh well!

If you can spare the fridge space, I really recommend this approach. It ain’t no five minutes, in my experience, even only counting the “active” time. But it’s not a lot of time. And you can have a fresh loaf any day with considerably less effort than starting from scratch.

One trick I came up with is using a cast iron frying pan as a “baking stone” instead of my dutch oven. Much easier to manage and has been working out well.

Sunday Baking: Blueberry Miso Buns

Finally made them for Zoe’s trip:

We were out of powdered sugar for the glaze so I tried making my own with the food processor. It didn’t work out well. The glaze was super gritty. It’s not clear that they need the glaze anyway.

I had bought some wild blueberry jam and added to the filling. Was really nice!

Sunday Baking: Cookies and Pretzels

I tried to make pretzels after around 30 years! they came out really nice:

The last time I tried was in my dorm room at Wesleyan. I had a hot pot and a toaster oven. I couldn’t get coarse salt so I tried to grow my own on the radiator. I didn’t have a sifter so I poked holes in a milk carton.

They turned out ok. These were better.

We also made rice flour cookies, a Noruz tradition for us:

They burst in your mouth and taste of cardamom, rose water, and nigella seeds (or saffron). Zoe took them to the local potluck where they were inhaled.

I also made another batch of chocolate chip, cause why not?

Sunday Baking: Buckle and Cookies

We had visitors so I made blueberry buckle again:

Which did not go over that well! Kids are often strange eaters.

I also made the giant chocolate chip cookies:

I forgot the salt on the second half! Which led to the discovery that Zoe like em with salt or with orange extract but not both. She doesn’t dislike them with both, just prefers one at a time.

Sunday Baking: Mince cake and big cookies

I had been wanting to make this “four ingredient Christmas cake” for a while but I didn’t have the ginger beer and mincemeat handy. But then I bought some of each and it worked well.

I mixed the baking powder in separately (faking self rising flour) and the liquid got really foamy. Things seem a bit over mixed but I not sure why.

I also made olive oil salted chocolate chip cookies and they are surprisingly meh. Maybe I didn’t put in enough chips. Maybe the bit of whole wheat flour got in the way. I’d don’t know. I just know I’m not scarfing then down per usual.

I’m still fucking sick. I’m a bit more active but this small amount of easy baking knocked me out. Oy!

Sunday Baking:

Zoe won an award! I made her celebration pineapple upside down cake:

I used a new online recipe instead of my standard Betty Crocker and the BC gods were against me. First the pineapple was the most unpleasantly sour pineapple I’ve ever had. Second, in spite of my chopping up some pineapple for the batter it was kinda dry and flavourless. I did accidentally drop most of a jar of dried orange zest which didn’t seem to make a difference.

Today I mad blueberry buckle:

I used a new recipe that had me melt the butter and use a bit of olive oil. It used a lot less butter making up the fat with some almond flour. It worked out fine.

Sunday Baking: Scones with Mixed Berries

My mom bequeathed unto me the best scone recipe. The first time I was in the U.K. I was super excited to order scones and bitterly disappointed with the bland crap foisted on me. They had no oatmeal! No texture! Few currents!


Fortunately, they are super easy to make and I do so regularly esp just before Zoe leaves for a trip or just before she gets back. They are delish, portable, and filling.

I had a dried berry mix left over from holiday baking and threw them instead of current. They added a real zing.

Somehow I didn’t take a picture. As I spent the rest of the week in bed, I didn’t bake aught else.

Sunday Baking: Baps, cornmeal sticks, and more

Welp, the “secondary” Grammy categories were announced on Twitter and “Whistle Down the Wind” didn’t win. Oh well.

It’d have been a small but definite boost.

Anyway, I made these crispy corn sticks which are a kind of biscotti. Easy but meh:

I broke out the waffle iron and made oat bran waffles. These really are the best. They are so good we eat them without toppings.

Of course, I made baps but I used some of the dough to make pizza. Worked a treat though I don’t have full control over it.

Thus, fewer baps but we don’t scarf 3 or 4 right out of the oven so it’s a wash. I went overboard with the sprinkled on meal. It go everywhere even just from the baps themselves and didn’t add anything. So I dialed it back.

We used the baps the very next day! For some reason, portabellas are hard to get in Manchester. But there were some lovely oyster mushrooms at the new Korean grocery. Oyster mushrooms are awesome and we should eat them more often:

Zoe got some pickled daikon shreds as well and did up some sesame spinach for a nice ensemble.

Sunday Baking: Tuiles and Baps

This is the first baking at home since the new year.

I finally did the non egg based tuile. These worked out much better:

As you can see I even did some curved ones:

These had orange juice and zest and don’t taste at all like orange. It may be due to only having dark brown sugar instead of light. They are light and crispy and caramel flavored.

And I did baps! Of course. I started a bit too late in the day for them to be dinner:

I ate three anyway. Big ones.