Another No Baking Sunday

I’d like to blame the hand. It’s healing nicely:

It’s still weak, lacking in range of motion, and I’m worried about regression.

I’m just mopey. Which is a deprecating way of describing a certain sort of ineffectuality I experience. It’s often associated with depression (it makes things hard to do) and with anxiety (anxiety about doing things makes no doing anything more pleasant to do).

I did get a bit of a walk yesterday and saw a cool outdoor budgie aviary:


Sunday Baking: Nougat and Blackberry Cake

Due to the ridiculous weather, the blackberries have ripened way early and in spite of the drought have produced bucketfuls. So I made a cake!

It was ok. If there’d been room in the paper I would have added a ton more blackberries. The recipe was fun in that you creamed the sugar and eggs and added melted butter. So oil would have been an easy substitute. I used a free standing baking paper because clean up is hard with my bum hand.

It was fine if a bit boring. The granulated sugar on top melted into a shiny crust which was nice.

I still have blackberries frozen from last year. Need to make pie.

I also made some nougat with Kilburn honey:

This recipe was disappointingly soft and sticky. I coated it in powdered sugar just to keep it reasonable. So you mostly taste powdered sugar. Oh well!

No Baking

I was thinking of doing scones (peach and blueberry) today but I’m beat. I went to Blackpool and walked around in the ridiculous heat. I did have fresh donuts:

Zoe, being the competitive type, also had a donut in Asheville at Hole Doughnuts. It was also made before her but from a yeast dough instead of a batter. And hers had a glaze then rolled in almonds, sesame, and a bit of cinnamon. It looked like this:

I finally got my spring form pan cleaned from the angel food cake. One handed cleaning isn’t easy!

Sunday (One Handed) Baking: Scones and Angel Food Cake

Baking not the toughest one handed activity but it’s up there. (Watering the garden was hard. Rain, please! I moved to England for the rain. And the EU. And you’re giving me drought and Brexit. Grr.)

I made Mom’s scones which are an oatmeal based scone which, frankly, are way better than all other scones. Other scones are trash. Instead of the traditional currents or raisins I put in blueberries which worked great!

But I forgot the (small amount of) sugar. D’oh! A lemon glaze fixed that:

I made another cherry angel food cake. This time, I mixed in powdered dried cherries. It’s subtle until the aftertaste. Quite good! For some reason it didn’t rise like the other one.

Sunday (One Handed) Baking: Cherry Angel Food Cake

In my quest to overdo it during my post surgical recovery, it is clearly time to bake. So I did! There is trickinesses:

I really only have my thumb on my right hand to work with as well as the splint. So I can kinda sorta pincher grip stuff (though other parts of the splint get in the way. It’s not too far off my pre surgery situation (hence the surgery!).

I made a angel food cake with maraschino cherries. My mom recounted it to me, but I don’t remember actually having it as a kid.

I have a mixed relationship to maraschino cherries. I like them even though they are clearly gross. I think their scarcity helps them (one cherry on top!) and the fact that they have a cherry like texture and juiciness (well, compared to their typical surroundings). But a jar? Yick. I think these British cocktail cherries are more almondy which is a big ole meh for me.

In any case, here’s the preoven view:

You have to invert to cool the cake or it collapses. Some pans have little legs. Mine done so I use the bottle trick:

It was…tricky with only one hand. I didn’t burn myself but the bottle and I agreed never to speak of it again.

I put a glaze on it using some of the juice but I also added some sour cherry powder I got in the Borough market. This stuff clumps quickly!

It’s very almondy! I don’t know why they wanted almond extract.

So, success. It is what it is but I doubt I’ll make it again. I might try incorporating the dried cherry powder more, though.