Sunday Baking: Bupkas

I have a bunch of things I want to bake but some sort of baker’s block. How sad is that!?

Here’s a photo of a blurry bat and a crescent moon.


Belated Sunday Baking

I’ve not done much over the past two weeks. The physical malaise is back and that loses me days.

I did make a some nice 1 hour rolls:

The honey (on the remaining bite next to the poached egg) was from the Computer Science beehive!

From the prior batch I got a very nice pizza crust. Of course, the dough did sit in the fridge for a week!

Sunday Baking: Rhubarb Pies and Break

I made the 1 hr wheat French bread again. I made the rolls much smaller this time:

I also made a load and an experiment with the seeds kneaded in:

I timed it this time. I was a bit slow on some things and making a ton of small rolls takes time (I shorted the baking time by 10 minutes but way more than that was lost to shaping). From first ingredient touched to first bread out was 1 hour and 14 minutes plus 5 for the second tray. Not bad! I could probably get it down a bit by making bigger loaves, doing a bit less kneading and so forth. But why rush it? I like kneading and rising it a bit more.

I reserved some of the dough in the fridge for pizza today or tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll get the energy to do a bit more today but being upright is a drag right now. Fortunately, Zoe made two rhubarb pies this week. First she made strawberry rhubarb which was fucking transcendent.

And then a blueberry rhubarb (a bluebarb!) which was damn good.

She uses this old Wellspring recipe that uses the mixer. It’s fairly robust to rough handling etc without getting tough and is rather nice. You don’t get giant sheet flakes but it’s pretty flaky yet strong with a nice flavor.

Sunday Baking: No fridge refrigerator cookies

I found this recipe for a music video project and it’s really a delight. Easy, robust, delish. I like it with a little lemon extract. It likes being a bit thicker and it’s good to be generous with the flour when rolling and cutting. But you really really don’t need to chill then. From mixer directly to rolling: it’s instant gratification.

I had my brother and his kids over this weekend. Given all the cutters and decorating stuff I’d accumulated for the video, making cookies was a no brainer. Fun fun fun!

Sunday Baking: Just Some Rolls

Not much this week. Been sick and mopey plus no Zoe and strike days.

But I did do some plain rolls to experiment with baking time. The one on the left was 15 minutes and the one on the right was 20.

15 is a bit dough if you cut it hot but seems to settle down. I move the 20 minuters from the sheer to the rack to crisp up the bottom.

Overall, rolls work out really well.

Sunday Baking: Buckwheat Chiffon with Walnut, Cinnamon, and Walnut Praline

Time to revisit the buckwheat chiffon!

Last time, I put fine ground chocolate in, which was good, but not amazing. This time I’m adding fine chopped walnuts and ground walnut praline icing. Which means I had to make walnut praline!

Here’s the cake cooling upside down:

It came out way denser (more sponge like). Not sure why.

And here’s the praline:

I think I scorched the walnuts. Oh well!

I pulverised some of it and mixed it with a glaze. (Most recipes are for a cooked buttercream. I didn’t have the time or energy.)

I also baked off the remaining 5min dough into cute lil rolls!