Sunday Baking: Baps, cornmeal sticks, and more

Welp, the “secondary” Grammy categories were announced on Twitter and “Whistle Down the Wind” didn’t win. Oh well.

It’d have been a small but definite boost.

Anyway, I made these crispy corn sticks which are a kind of biscotti. Easy but meh:

I broke out the waffle iron and made oat bran waffles. These really are the best. They are so good we eat them without toppings.

Of course, I made baps but I used some of the dough to make pizza. Worked a treat though I don’t have full control over it.

Thus, fewer baps but we don’t scarf 3 or 4 right out of the oven so it’s a wash. I went overboard with the sprinkled on meal. It go everywhere even just from the baps themselves and didn’t add anything. So I dialed it back.

We used the baps the very next day! For some reason, portabellas are hard to get in Manchester. But there were some lovely oyster mushrooms at the new Korean grocery. Oyster mushrooms are awesome and we should eat them more often:

Zoe got some pickled daikon shreds as well and did up some sesame spinach for a nice ensemble.


Sunday Baking: Tuiles and Baps

This is the first baking at home since the new year.

I finally did the non egg based tuile. These worked out much better:

As you can see I even did some curved ones:

These had orange juice and zest and don’t taste at all like orange. It may be due to only having dark brown sugar instead of light. They are light and crispy and caramel flavored.

And I did baps! Of course. I started a bit too late in the day for them to be dinner:

I ate three anyway. Big ones.

More Regulation Please

I really want to start baking with essential oils.

I love intense flavours. I’m constantly battling to get citrus into my cakes and cookies. I’ve tried tons of extracts, pounds of zest, whole fruits, concentrating juice, and it’s very hot or miss. Whole fruit or concentrated juice works the best.

I’ve read that essential oils really do the job so I’ve been on the look out for “food grade” essential oils. Then I read that “food grade” is a bullshit, unregulated term and I want to find a sledgehammer.

The article does convince me that I probably want to find a book on how to use them properly.

Of course, the real issue with finding good info is that there’s a large contingent of woo folks who are obsessed with essential oils. Fighting through all the aromabullshit tires me.

Sunday Baking: Too Much to List

Zoe had a gig. Zoe asked me to bake. So I did:

We had (and I guess it’s not too much to list!):

  1. Ginger tamarind cookies
  2. Giant salted olive oil chocolate chip cookies
  3. Cranberry walnut bread (not baked by me)
  4. Roasted cocoa cake (vegan)
  5. Confetti chiffon cake with orange almond crunch
  6. Buckwheat chiffon


I also baked a traditional birthday cake for Toby:

Sunday Baking: Baps and Roses

We went to Zoe’s Aunt’s for the annual New Year adjacent soup dinner. It’s a cute idea that became a tradition and connects her aunt with a side of the family.

So I said I’d make baps which I hadn’t made since Zoe went on tour;

They came out nice thought I suspect people didn’t like them as much as Zoe does. I made them half size (so 24 instead of 12) and that worked out fine.

I also made apple rose tarts because I had gotten the puff pastry and why not:

I need to work on these to make them yummier and easier to make. They are so pretty and have so much potential.

Week of Baking: So Much!

It’s the big baking time of the year and I blew a bunch of the week on experimental baking working through parts of Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy with mixed success. We have very yummy, super thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies:

Ginger honey crisps which still didn’t come out right:

Hazelnut molasses cookies (which were a big hit in the household):

Saffron tuiles which were a real disappointment:

Whew! Then came the party treats, pizzelle:

Burnt caramel fruitcake and salted caramels:

I had a factory of elves to help wrap them up: