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I’m a Reader in Computer Science at the University of Manchester in the UK. I was born in Philadelphia and have a PhD in philosophy. I’m a duel US/UK citizen.

I live in Manchester with my beloved, the fabulous Zoe Mulford. One of my treasured accomplishments is to have a vocal cameo on every one of her albums. I believe that makes me the only performer, aside from Zoe, to appear on them all!

Everything I post I do on my own behalf only. Nothing should be construed as expressing the official position of the University of Manchester, the School of Computer Science, or any other organisation with which I am affiliated. If you want to take something I write here as expressing the official position of some organisation with which I am not affliated, well, you do you.

If I ever do put out something which is on behalf of or an official position of, it will be very clearly marked as such.

A core part of academic freedom is being able to be critical of institutions in which one participates. So, I might be so critical here. My criticism might be wrong, misguided, or otherwise deficient. I welcome feedback.