UCU NEC Election Position: My Policy

In the interest of giving info about how I think about the NEC, I’m going to try to address all  groups (not necessarily individuals!) who are organised and seeking to give endorsements in the UCU NEC elections.

I’m running on a slate organised by a new grouping, the UCU Commons, of which I’m a founding member. I’m on the slate because people who instigated the slate (which co-evolved with the organisation of UCU Commons) liked what they’d seen of me e.g., on Twitter and in discussions and are keen to get more people they feel would be effective on the NEC. They encouraged me to run and provided some advice on e.g., gathering signatures and put me on the slate. The only requirements for being on the slate are 1) being a candidate, 2) agreeing to be on the slate, and 3) adhering to the UCU Commons values. We don’t have a common platform and while people offered to give me feedback about my address…I ran out of time to solicit such 🙂

UCU Commons folks discuss the campaign. People give advice and offer support. Sometimes we coordinate things on an ad hoc basis. (E.g., there will be a joint statement about the UCU4Academic Freedom thingy.)

That’s the background. There are groups who are not running a slate of candidates who have offered to endorse candidates if they make certain pledges, typically, something like to support a motion or a specific tactic or a call for balloting. I personally don’t find that all that sensible a move and not super helpful as an informing function. As a general matter of governance, it seem unwise to commit to supporting very specific things without the full context that comes from, well, participating in NEC meetings. I don’t like making promises I might not be able to keep! I’d generally prefer a serious of questions that groups analysed to see if they’d like to endorse me.

I’m inclined to ignore such things, but eh. I’ll make a short blog post addressing each one to give a flavour of where I stand. I’m not getting any of these endorsements, but I still think it’s worth doing.

I’ll make them v. short since no one reads these things 🙂 If you want to know more, ask in the comments.