Sunday Baking: No Knead, “5 minute” Whole Wheat Bread

Zoe wanted an incentive to get up earlier in the morning and I’d been baking a lot of bread. Many doughs can be kept in the fridge overnight and even benefit from doing so. But the brioche I’d been make still took a lot of time the night before.</;>

Then I remember I’d explored the “bread in 5 minutes a day” approach

. Basically, you make ≈5lbs of no knead bread dough and keep it in the fridge. When you want a loaf, cut off a chunk (usually about 1 lb), shape it, proof it, and bake it.

It works out pretty well!

The main issue I had was my container was too small. So it overflowed in the first warm fermentation and the first overnight cold ferment. Oh well!

If you can spare the fridge space, I really recommend this approach. It ain’t no five minutes, in my experience, even only counting the “active” time. But it’s not a lot of time. And you can have a fresh loaf any day with considerably less effort than starting from scratch.

One trick I came up with is using a cast iron frying pan as a “baking stone” instead of my dutch oven. Much easier to manage and has been working out well.