I’m sitting in Yet Another Meeting. Everyone in the meeting is being lovey. There are loads of interesting bits of discussion and info.

But it’s a lot. Just this meeting is a lot. There’s a lot of info and translating it into action is a lot of work.

This is a monthly meeting. It’s a union meeting. I’m doing other union meetings.

Then there are all the work meetings.

It’s a lot. Many people don’t thrive on this stuff. (I don’t.)

Our faculty reorganization added more levels of structure. Which means, nominally, I should be attending department forum meetings and school board meetings (instead of just the CS school board meetings). Plus there are faculty meetings I could attend. And Dept internal meetings. Plus all the other work meetings.

It’s too much. People tune out. There’s a bit of “oh let’s divide work up” but without “now we have more things to figure out and coordinate”).

A fair bit of bureaucratic complexity is inevitable esp for large and complex organisations. But if we want people to tune in we have to make that complexity manageable. Which often means reducing it or at least reducing the significance of a lot it. It also means clearly indicating priorities and making sure that they are flexibly attuned to people’s individual priorities.