Music Monday: Grammy Winners

Well, as I said, Whistle Down the Wind didn’t win best folk. Instead, the Punch Brothers album, All Ashore did. I’d never heard of them before. Reading their Wikipedia page suggests that they could easily be a critical darling, so maybe that’s it?

I’m listening to it now and I’m finding it actively unpleasant. And I don’t think it’s just or even primarily sour grapes. The snippet of Gautier’s Rifles and Rosemary Beads I got accidentally when cueing them up seems appealing.

As the opening instrumental bits of the opening track started up I was hopeful. It seems like it could be nice bluegrasses, but the first four songs made me unhappy to listen too. The sixth,” Jumbo” at least doesn’t hurt my ears:

Though it does seem to go on for a long time. And the chorus isn’t nice, And the last verse, eh.

Ok this definitely isn’t anywhere near my cup of tea. I’m giving up and going to listen to Gautier.