This Week in Zoe News

Grammys this weekend and Folk Alliance next week. Next Friday’s post will be interesting! But there’s a bit of news this week. (I hope the Boots’ readers are right about Joan winning!)

We’ve looked at (and Zoe proofed) the galley’s for “The President Sang Amazing Grace: The Picture Book”. It’s looking good! Publisher’s Weekly also mentions it as a forthcoming title.

There is a video of Zoe’s performance at the MLK Community Health Foundation’s Sharing the Dream lunch:

There’s not a lot of Zoe in it (they mostly reply the music video) but it’s interesting to watch it with Zoe’s version. She had to put a fair bit of work into making it fit to the video as Joan’s versions has extra space. You can see Zoe starting around 3:57. Worth a watch!

And you can see her on the red carpet!

Some nice candids as well:

Here’s Zoe with the OK Factor singing “Hard Times”: