Rees-Mogg Nonsense

The title for the worst or most fatuous MP these days usually goes to the one in the news, but Rees-Mogg is, per usual, a special case. Let’s start with the standard nonsense:

In my view, an extra 33 months of vassalage after 46 years is an unwelcome but not unaffordable price to pay.

There is, of course, no rational sense in which EU membership, esp for the UK, is any kind of vassalage. I mean, really.

But that’s just normal bullshit. What set me off is this:

He played down claims that businesses need certainty – a key argument made at the moment by business leaders and MPs arguing for a softer Brexit. When it was put to him that uncertainty about the UK’s future after Brexit was bad for business, he replied:

The truth is, business is all about uncertainty …

There is no certainty in business. The whole art of business is trying to manage uncertainty. Investment decisions aren’t made for certain facts. You can’t be certain that anyone will buy your car when you have built it. All business is based on uncertainty, and managing uncertainty.

Yes, dude, the point is that one way to manage the uncertainty facing the UK is to get out of the UK, postpone investment, or otherwise hedge your bets. This is an excellent way to reduce economic activity, and thus prosperity. It also tends to promote a vulture culture where wealth destroying rentiers and he like destroy vast swaths of value to make a private profit.

Oh right!