New Slideshow System

It’s that time of year…I consider switching presentation systems. I currently use reveal.js with prez and it’s ok, but:

  1. Getting a theme that conforms to Manchester style is challenging. I’ve sorta hacked it, but it has problems.
  2. Tweaking formatting is really hard. Images in particular but really everything.
  3. Making slides progressive is harder than it needs to be and prez obliterates it.
  4. I can’t make text large enough for our screens or code listings readable

Plus I want more fancy features. I get really excited by showoff‘s interaction features (ask questions anonymously! file issues on a slide FROM THAT SLIDE!!!). But it totally defeated my attempts to put a small fucking logo in the upper left corner. It requires a ton of CSS and Javascript and understanding¬†their framework and crises man, I just want some pretty normal layout.

I really like Makoko and it’s good for paper writing (though it doesn’t support inline footnotes because evil). It’s backed by reveal.js, but has some nice features including a very groovy editor. It doesn’t have the showoff features but it compiles to beamer. Horrible horrible and ugly beamer, but beamer nevertheless.

There are so many new HTML presentation frameworks, but they seem to be flaky and don’t solve the problem of making some simple customisations.