Brexit Is Getting Nuttier

I knew…knew…that the end days of the Article 50 period was going to be eventful. I also knew that the particular shape of those events would be hard to anticipate and I didn’t put effort in trying to anticipate the madness.

But I am feeling a little shellshocked.

I’m still confused at how to assess May’s performance. She had a very tough hand and I’m willing to, for some purposes, to spot her the bonkers Article 50 notification. That’s seemed inevitable.

But the government’s continual ham fisted power grabs is really disturbing. The two big bookending ones were trying to control Article 50 notification without Parliament and being in contempt of Parliament over releasing their legal advice.

In both cases, it was a super dumb move for no real gain or really any gain at all. Article 50 notification passed overwhelmingly so why even make it an issue. The legal advice thing wasn’t remotely sensible: the marginal effect of having the government’s legal advice point out that the backstop is a backstop for real is zero. We all knew this!

On the other hand, that she got to a EU endorsed deal at all m, with that cabinet is pretty improbable. It will be very interesting to read accounts by the negotiators if they eventually comes out.