Music Monday: Christmas Wrapping

It’s December though it doesn’t feel like it to me. It means I have to finish the music video Zoe and I killed ourselves on last year. Yay. I’ve not touched it since…December 2018.

I have to say that the War on Xmas has gotten more and more lacklustre over the years. It used to be a joyous time of pretending that the overwhelmingly dominant religion/culture touchstones weren’t quite as hegemonic as some desperate click baiters want to rail against it not being.

But it just doesn’t seem to pack the punch it used to. Ah well!

I’m not a big fan of xmas music, esp. carols. I mean, a lot are kinda pretty but its not like I’d ever need to hear them again. Modern xmas songs tend to range from horrific to stab out my ears.

But there are a few that I love and don’t mind listening too each year. They tend to be a bit more “War on Xmas” than Xmas, as one might expect. The first is “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses:

It’s a great shaggy dog story marred by only two things: It’s all about a guy and they get together in the end. But still:

A&P has provided me
With the world’s smallest turkey
Already in the oven, nice and hot
Oh damn! Guess what I forgot
So on with the boots
Back out in the snow
To the only all night grocery

The A&P line alone is a delight.