Sunday Baking: Scones and Fingers

No baking this weekend! Zoe’s gone and…I don’t know if this is illness aftermath or resurgence but I’ve had trouble doing anything but sleep.

However, earlier in the week I made some buckwheat, cornmeal, walnut, raisin scones:

They were really tasty and delicate. They would have been fine with a touch less sugar though they were perfectly delish. It could be interesting to muck with spices or toast the walnuts in advance. The buckwheat, per usual, didn’t come through. I don’t know what would happen if I ditched all the white flour as they were fragile as it was.

Compare to mom’s recipe these were a pain. You had to cut butter and chill them for 30 minute (!). And the oatmeal raisin ones are so good that it’s not like these are so much better. But they were different and tasty.

For Halloween I finally made witch finger cookies:

Of course, I wanted to do the “bleeding” ones with jam on the inside.

Whoof. That was a lotta work for eh. I didn’t use the recommended dough because again so much chilling in the fridge. But I think even then that filling them isn’t worth it. It’s finicky and messy and time consuming and it’s not like the inner jam dribbles or anything. A bit on the stump does the job.

They puffed and de-shaped more than I expected. Something to work on!

I made a couple of toothy bloody mouths with the scraps: