Happy Halloween

I spent it mostly in bed though I did roust myself to make some severed finger cookies:

I didn’t wear a costume today but I did wear a unicorn horn to the last day of class. Zoe carved a cyclopsicorn lantern:

We never ever get trick or treaters. I don’t even see any out there. I’ve never lived anywhere as an adult where I got to give out candy. This makes me sad.

I’ve been ill on Halloween more often than not since starting the first period of Hell schedule. The worst was when I bought some candy to give out. As no one came, I ate it, as one is wont to do (it was chocolate!). But I had a noorovirus so spent the next 6 hours or so vomiting up chocolate. It was horrible. Weirdly the chocolate vomit tasted very chocolately and not very acidic.

For the next few months I couldn’t stand to look at a piece of chocolate much less eat any.

And that’s my scary Halloween story!