Sunday Baking: Popovers, Cookies, and, of course, Baps

I had this “foolproof” popover recipe hanging in my tabs for weeks. Now the surest proof that I’m no fool is my consummate skill at breaking such recipes, but this was ok. I made a half batch because I only have a 6 deep cup muffin tray and the full recipe produces 8. I did the greasing for 4 (melted butter baked on for 5 minutes) but had enough batter for six. It was an unintended experiment!

They didn’t look superimpressive but the came out fine:

I have empirical proof that their greasing technique works and you really want to use it:

I finally got the baps back to their original glory (for Zoe). The coarse meal crust is deemed an improvement.

Note that we ate three before I could take the photo.

I finally finally made cookies including the first pizzelle of the year:

And a half batch of giant salted olive oil chocolate chip cookies:

A half batch because I ran out of eggs.