Sunday Baking: Peanut Butter Cookies, More Chocolate Cake, and Cornmeal Baps

My browsers, across at least 5 devices, have hundreds of tabs open. Many of them are recipients I’m ogling. I finally knocked off a stuffed peanut butter cookie:

They were very yummy, though the chocolate was a bit of a mistake (super sticky and messy and didn’t add much). These have a peanut butter core which required making balls of peanut butter and then freezing them. That would have been a lot easier if my peanut butter wasn’t properly goopy. They don’t seem worth the effort, frankly. Regular peanut butter cookies are super yummy and super easy.

I expected the filling to be more dramatic. It was pretty well hidden by the cookie part.

I also made another round of chocolate cake for Aly’s party. I didn’t make it to the party alas as I just wasn’t up for a couple of 4 hour drives. The cake was my proxy:

I get a lot of stuff from Dan Lepard’s (sadly defunct) Guardian column (which led me to buy one of his books which didn’t work out so well for me). I made his cornmeal baps. He said they needed nearly no kneading, which was true. They took a while to rise (60 min then 90). They were fun to shape:

They rose beautifully:

There even was decent oven spring:

They are huge! And as I love bread hot from the oven, I ate three.