Sunday Baking: Nougat and Blackberry Cake

Due to the ridiculous weather, the blackberries have ripened way early and in spite of the drought have produced bucketfuls. So I made a cake!

It was ok. If there’d been room in the paper I would have added a ton more blackberries. The recipe was fun in that you creamed the sugar and eggs and added melted butter. So oil would have been an easy substitute. I used a free standing baking paper because clean up is hard with my bum hand.

It was fine if a bit boring. The granulated sugar on top melted into a shiny crust which was nice.

I still have blackberries frozen from last year. Need to make pie.

I also made some nougat with Kilburn honey:

This recipe was disappointingly soft and sticky. I coated it in powdered sugar just to keep it reasonable. So you mostly taste powdered sugar. Oh well!


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