Augmenting Hearing with Earbuds

Given the prevalence of mics, wireless connections, and earbuds, it’s not surprising that we’d see attempts to augment hearing with these.

I’ve tried two thus far, IQBuds and Jabra Elite 65t. The IQBuds did better on bringing in the outside sound and suppressing non voice sounds but they didn’t really work. They were also falling apart. Most importantly, they would screech with feedback a lot. Anytime I touched them with the mics on (eg to control them) it was high risk. The Jabra have better sound and better mics for making phonecalls, but the pass through isn’t brilliant and they have no noise filtration.

Apple is going to let you use your phone mic to augment your hearing. That’s a great idea! Your phone’s mic is very good. It has noise filtration. You can position it close to the source. I’ve been wanting this for a while!

I hope they open it up to all earbuds. AirPods are cool, but they don’t provide noise isolation.