Sunday (One Handed) Baking: Scones and Angel Food Cake

Baking not the toughest one handed activity but it’s up there. (Watering the garden was hard. Rain, please! I moved to England for the rain. And the EU. And you’re giving me drought and Brexit. Grr.)

I made Mom’s scones which are an oatmeal based scone which, frankly, are way better than all other scones. Other scones are trash. Instead of the traditional currents or raisins I put in blueberries which worked great!

But I forgot the (small amount of) sugar. D’oh! A lemon glaze fixed that:

I made another cherry angel food cake. This time, I mixed in powdered dried cherries. It’s subtle until the aftertaste. Quite good! For some reason it didn’t rise like the other one.


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