Gross Progress

No, not Pruitt’s resignation though he’s gross and that’s (temporary) progress. I had a follow up today to remove my stitches! And ditch the hot, sweaty, stinky dressing! I won’t be able to immerse the hand until the pins come out next week but I can sponge bath most of it! Even the incisions tomorrow after the stitch holes heal.

The X-Rays said everything is still where they put it so yay. The incisions are healing nicely. We finally took a range of motion measurement.

Here’s a photo:

You can still see the tendency to deviate toward the ulna. Hence the need for nigh 24hr splinting (dynamic during the day and resting at night). The surgery is supposed to give the therapy a fighting chance of getting everything into a stable and functional dynamic.

And here’s the incisions with stitches. Tomorrow when I take off the bandaids we’ll see my knee fake knuckle future!