The Korean “Deal”

Objectively, from the perspective of the US and most of the rest of the world, Trump lost hard. He traded away joint military exercises with South Korea, plus a summit, plus kind words for nothing at all. North Korea got everything and we got less than nothing.

So, it’s a shit deal. We might overall be better off today than yesterday because Trump now has a big incentive not to go to war with North Korea. But…that’s not a lot!

Trump, on his own terms, won. It doesn’t matter that such a deal was always available (because it’s great for NK and terrible for us). The fact is that he got it and no one else did. Since it’s his, he thinks it’s great. Since he’s shameless and ignorant, he will tout it like crazy as awesome.

The “logic” is, of course, the opposite for Iran.

Give one point to Trump, Bolton was tamed for this.


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