Electronic Kanban Boards

I’m a fan of Trello.

Up to a point. I’ve made many a board and found it super useful until my efforts to use it inevitably peter out. But that’s probably me.

Kanban boards seem worth teaching in a software engineering course if only because they are so common. They are also fairly easy to grasp so you can have a pretty good discussion about organisation and management. There’s a lot of intellectual baggage associated with them but just getting students to think about writing down todo lists is a win.

I doubt I can force a class to sign up for Trello. Requiring students to use third party services has a lot of implications that were dodgy before the new data protection laws.

This article discusses five open source alternatives but frankly, even though there are some attractive feature lists, they don’t really appeal. Worst, the idea that I would either host such a thing or get some other part of the uni to host it seems impossible. I guess the students could run the one with docker images available…but that seems more impossible.

We can go back to post it’s or index cards…but we don’t have a shared environment.

So…maybe it’s better to focus on issue lists and bug reports? Keep off these larger management issues until the next class?