This Week In Zoe News #12: More Quiet

Argh…borked the numbering for several weeks 🙂 3 months of updates!

Not much at all this week. There’s a new Whistlevideo (for Joe Henry’s “Civil War”). I need to see it again before I get it, I think. It’s not having the punch that “The President Sang Amazing Grace” had, but no surprise.

Grace Birnstengel for nextavenue:

The allotted final project, Whistle Down the Wind, is Baez’s first record since 2008’s Day After TomorrowWhistle Down the Wind is a collection of interpretations of songs by Tom Waits, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Josh Ritter and others. Baez told The Times it’s partially in response to the present moment, politically and otherwise — an example being her cover of Zoe Mulford’s “The President Sang Amazing Grace” about the 2015 mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. An eight-month-long world tour will accompany the release;

Kevin Bryan for Messanger Newspapers:

The contents find her searching for a glimmer of hope in troubled times as this protest singer par excellence tackles songs penned by luminaries such as Tom Waits and Mary Chapin Carpenter, although the undisputed stand-out track is “The President Sang Amazing Grace,” Zoe Mulford’s stunning reflection on the tragic 2015 shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

Ostrava (via Google Translate):

American singer-songwriter Zoe Mulford then composed the song The President Sang Amazing Grace on the expression of admiration for Obama’s peaceful forgiveness. “No words could express what had to be said. So, that day, the president was singing Amazing Grace, “Joan Baez sounds like a commendation to meditation, and it’s not hard to think that the stronger song we’ve been hearing from her for years.

Update: Folk DJ Charts

Zoe doesn’t appear on the March charts, but Whistle is tied for number 1 album and “President” is the number 1 song (with 26 plays).