Ryan’s Going and Posting About Politics

Ryan, after some period of denials, announced that he’s not going to run for re-election.

Good riddance to awful rubbish.

I’d like to write something that hasn’t been done to death about Old Zombie Eyed Granny Starver (though that phrase sums him up pretty well). His wildly undeserved reputation as a policy “wonk” has been done to death.

Will the media please stop fawning over bog standard evil assholes? However blue their eyes?

One thing I’ve not been posting about in this Year of Blogging Daily is current politics in spite of the…extreme amounts of fodder. It’s mostly because I don’t see a niche. I can rant pretty well about a million things, but there’s plenty of good ranters out there. I guess I don’t see an interesting niche for me yet. I like connecting the literature to events, but that doesn’t make thingsĀ easier and I already blog some about the literature.

I’d like to participate in something that had a chance of being effective. I’d happily join a hack squad trying to close the hack gap if I thought that’d be useful. There might be an analytical niche I could fill (political tech?).