The Magnificent Diva Devotee

I’m very much an amateur music critique (of an analytical bent). I had lessons for piano and trombone when I was young and had a chunk of music theory, but it never went deep and my ear remains wildly untutored. So when I find something that I can both understand and yet never in this lifetime do, I get pretty excited.

Diva Devotee is a music that contains a long list of analyses of vocal ranges (and so much more—really, whole vocal profiles). Check out this account of Arethra Franklin:

Vocal Type: Mezzo-soprano
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Range: 3.5 G2- E6 (approx)
Longest Note: 5 seconds (“old landmark”)

Vocal Pluses: Powerful, passionate voice, which is grounded in the Gospel tradition. Both a technical and an emotive singer, Aretha Franklin is able to sing complex vocal runs, that can span the top of her range right down to the bottom, as well as hold notes for lengths of time with ease.

Aretha Franklin has a well connected range, that appears to sound easily accessible both at the top and the bottom. The lower range is thick and weighty with a dark colouring and a slightly smoky timbre. The midrange begins to become more nasal, and lighter as it ascends into the belting range.…

I…cannot perceive this. Or articulate it. I so wish I could! I’m not even sure how to go about learning how to do so!

The most amazing bit is the video which demonstrates the vocal range:

You can browse by size of the vocal range. There’s someone who can span 8 octaves!

I’d be interested in how vocal coaches regard the site. It seem invaluable, but I’m so far from competent I can’t say anything by “Wow” with authority.