Music Mondays: Videos with Continuous Motion

Last Monday I dug up this video of a Take On Me cover by Reel Big Fish:











It’s just them “walking” through some tunnels with the illusion of mostly forward motion. And…I really love it. It made me thing of Supergrass’s Alright video:










(For UKers:









The forward, linear motion isn’t quite as continuous but it does dominate.

The Pretty Reckless’s Make Me Wanna Die has the lead singer walking forward with the camera while taking off her clothes and a bunch of other generic hard rock stuff (flames, etc.)






I tend to think that the simple walking while singing was the effective bit! (The Pretty Reckless have a bunch of interesting videos, but often kinda overdo it.)

In the Letter From an Occupant Video, none of the New Pornographers move much, but the camera does in an infiniteish zoom:




I could have sworn that the Dead South had some moving, but they just walk in place while the background shifts. It gives the feel of linear motion though:

Ingrid Michaelson’s Still the One doesn’t quite fit in this mold as we get a lot of different views and the motion is rarely into the camera, but the spirit seems similar. There’s nearly always forward motion of some kind. I think it’s pretty neat. The dancer is just so into it.

In comments on such videos there’s the complaint that some such videos are “low budget” which is maybe true? But the technique is effective and relatively few of these are truly super low budget or as low budget as people think. The Reel Big Fish probably had several takes and had to get folks like the flipping mascot on board. More to the point, who cares? It’s fun and feels “in tune” with the performance.