Sunday Baking: Chocolate Buckwheat Chiffon and Pepita Spice Caramels

Buckwheat chiffon v. 3 had 100% buckwheat flour, olive oil, and finely chopped dark chocolate. (This is sometimes known as a “confetti chiffon”)

It has great structure, though may be a bit less floofly than normal. This could be due to the chocolate itself or because I had to fold it a bit more to incorporate the chocolate. It tasted great. I could catch a bit of the olive oil but the buckwheat is lost for me. This would be terrific if the goal were a gluten free chocolately cake. I’m looking for something where the buckwheat stands out a bit, so I’ll be trying again.

My mom’s birthday is this month and Zoe left for the US last week. So I made some birthday caramels. I’ve been wanting to try these spiced, pumpkin seed caramels for a while. The caramel recipe itself is pretty standard though with an interesting mix of sugars. They came out beautiful with a good bit, though a little sticky when unwrapping (or cutting). Definitely aim at the higher end of the final cooking.

Zoe did a beautiful job of wrapping them, per usual.

My current 5min bread is the mostly wheat with white dough that overflows my container. I didn’t touch it all week so I really wanted to bake off a bunch. The baguetting/sub rolls worked out ok but 1) are a bit of a PITA to shape and 2) tend to have a high crush to crumb ratio. So I thought I’d try round rolls.

I definitely need to make them rather smaller! But they came out nice.

They are tasty!