One Month of Daily Blogging

It’s February! How’d that happen?

(Time passes. Listen. Time passes.)

I’ve successfully written and published at least one post for every day of January 2018. I believe that’s the longest I’ve ever done so. Yay me!

Several days I had two posts! WordPress (reluctantly) tells me I had 38 posts totally19,603 words. Woof!

This was the first day I didn’t have a backlog post waiting (feel a little short on the scheduling). I had a day where I posted a lot on LGM and grading and other crazed works stuff intervened, as did illness.

But still! I did do it. Even if today is a wiffy, blog introspection post.

But everything counts. Let’s see how February goes. It’s black history month! I’ll try to post at least one pertinent thing a week.


3 thoughts on “One Month of Daily Blogging

  1. A voice from your readership appreciating the blog posts! I don’t understand all of the philosophy posts, but I appreciate the computing, music (especially Zoe news), and cooking posts!

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