Google’s Computer Science Resource…thing (list? library?)

Google has a fancy curated page of computer science educational material, called the Google “Tech Dev Guide”. It’s not just a categorized list (e.g., by topic, or by type of material), it has “pathways“!

The basic “Foundations” pathway is weird as it just launches you into a set of problems. The first is a former Google interview question. It looks fun and helpful. There are hints. There’s a discussion. There’s just no orientation. I have no idea why I’m here and what I’m doing.

I’m supposed to have 1 or 2 programming course under my belt. The first learning objectives are:

This question gives you the chance to practice with algorithms and data structures. It’s also a good example of why careful analysis for Big-O performance is often worthwhile, as is careful exploration of common and worst-case input conditions.

The discussion is interesting (at a glance) but it only has an implicit analytical framework. I’m not given a strategy, I just see it enacted. I wonder how well that works out for people! I’d think this would discourage completion.

(I wonder if Manchester should put one of these together…or maybe I should for Software Engineering…)