Small Brown Birds 2017 Folk DJ Performance

Folk music is played (in the US) on a lot of small, personally DJed shows as it has for decades. These DJs have a mailing list and many post their playlists there. Richard Gillian compiles stats monthly and yearly to produce chart like lists.

Awesome album cover!

Small Brown Birds has done really well last year (the year of its release). It was the #1 Album in February, beating out the likes of John McCutcheon and Cathy Fink.

She also had slots 2, 3, 4, and 12 for songs and was the number 2 artist (based mostly on SBBs).

That was a good month and there were other pretty good months so now we get the year rankings!

We have:

  • Small Brown Birds as #4 of the top albums
  • Zoe Mulford as #12 of the top artists (just edged out by Gillian Welch)
  • “The President Sang Amazing Grace” is #5 and “Zillionaire” #8 of the top songs.

This ain’t bad!

Now, remember this is folk music so the absolute numbers aren’t large. Small Brown Birds placed on the strength of 342 plays.

Still! A rousing success!


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