Music Monday: A Diagnosis

Trying to crawl up from the muck!

I’ve not been feeling well, though I did have some progress with a clear diagnosis for my long term eye trouble (corenal map dot signature dystrophy). But I still have a bunch of stuff to sort through with no or vague diagnoses (or unclear treatment).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continues brilliant and you should be watching it (WHY ARE WE ON A HIATUS!!!! EEEEVIL!!!)

Spoilers! Go watch it!

Rebecca is offered the promise of a new diagnosis and this offers so much hope she breaks into delighted song:

The first several times watching this I had tears the whole time. I know that feeling. (I know the flip side when the diagnosis defines you and not in a way one finds comfortable.) When one’s body or mind is off in some way; if it causes you difficulty and you don’t understand it; that situation causes it’s own extra level of distress. A diagnosis, even without clear treatment path, offers some relief. And that “some” can feel enormous.

Until the next thing…