Music Monday: Do Wah Diddy

I don’t know why I was thinking about a possibly mythical version of this song with a video from the 1980s set on a bright colorful urban street, but I was. Now it’s bugging me. Not because it was a good video or anything, but because I can’t get the memory.

Do Wah Diddy has two notable film appearances, first in Stripes as a subversion of the marching cadence:

which is where  I believe I heard if for the first time. The best use is in L.A. Story (which is also probably Steve Martin’s best film). There’s a tuba duet version performed over the telephone and the title itself plays a key role. Just watch the whole thing.

Trying to find “Do Wah Diddy” videos from the 80s leads you to the funky world of 80s Euro disco girl groups including the Dolly Dots (The Netherlands):

and A La Carte (Germany):

I leave it to you, dear reader, to determine which of these is more 80s.

There are a plethora of covers, but I didn’t find anything particularly distinctive.


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