Music Monday: More No Songs

Still feeling rather “No”esque, so here’s some “no” songs.

We have “No no no” by Milow:

It’s a cute little ditty that I just happened to find by typing “no no no” into YouTube’s search. The video has Milow street boxing with a…bear? A shaggy something at least.

And, of course, “Oh my god, I think I love you” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

We have two places where “No” crops up. First in an early bridge:

But I say, “No no no! This is just about sex!”
And “No no no! Don’t be such a girl Becks!”
But then I feel the oxytocin creeping back to my brain
And all I can do is sing it again…
Oh my god, I think I like you…

And it trails off with:

But I say no no no
No no no
No no no…

These are some of the best moments in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which are undercut and sort of lost in the second season which is still struggling to find its footing; losing Gregg doesn’t help!). The resistance and denial go through a number of subtle (and not so subtle) shifts throughout the song which are wonderfully supported by the sequence of events. (Rebecca scrubbing herself fiercely alone in the shower is starkly contrasted with her reluctant soft tenderness as she lies down with Gregg singing “No no no”.

Interestingly, Gregg basically doesn’t exist in the song. He has no words and is often asleep or occluded during their sexual encounters. We get none of his interior life nor do we get much of their actual relationship. It really is all in her head.

I did also stumble across Meghan Trainor’s NO, but, well, it’s really not for me.