Blog Shout Out for Now Face North

September 21, 2016

Now Face North is a blog by LGM long time most-valued commenter JL. Any JL comment is worth reading. A JL comment about sexual or domestic abuse or rape victims (esp. about support) or activism is worth spending some serious time with. As we go into the election, her stuff will present a side of electioneering that you won’t typically see. Whether it’s about political trials and public defenders, the differential treatment of pro-Trump and anti-Trump by police at an RNC protest, or the ins and outs of being a Street Medic, there’s a lot there. It’s experientially grounded but clear, coherent, and thoughtful. And sometimes pretty funny:

Do you know where this march is going?

Okay, seriously, undercover/plainclothes cops, I don’t know why you all always seem to think that medics will know the answer to this question, but we usually don’t. Please stop asking me. Also, most of you are bad at pretending to be protesters. There are notable exceptions, but they are generally not the ones who meander up to street-medics fake-casually to ask where the march is going. If you’re not a cop and you’re asking me this question anyway, I still probably don’t know. Ask an organizer.

Add it to your rotation this election season. JL doesn’t post that frequently, but binge reading is a delight.

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