Music Monday: Think Respect

I finished the Aretha Franklin biography and it was interesting. Her response in the press is exactly what you’d expect having read the book, so it has that going for it. It still didn’t really help me understand her musically. I’d really like to see “music biographies” emerge which trace the music and it’s connection (with audio obviously). However, here’s are two of her most famous and celebrated songs.

Think is awesome, of course:

esp. in the Blues Brothers:

Who doesn’t love Respect?

Interestingly, Respect was written and originally performed by Otis Redding:

It was Franklin who transformed it into a feminist anthem. Which is pretty cool.

While looking for the Redding version, I stumbled on his cover of (I can’t get no) Satisfaction:

Which Franklin also covered!

I guess I prefer Redding’s, because I think the arrangement is more interesting (the prominence of the driving beat during the verses is a pretty big and interesting departure from the Stones’).

Of course, the definitive cover is Devo’s deconstruction:

The performance on SNL is very interesting but it’s dropped off YouTube, at least, to my searching.