Music Monday: Wannabe

I sorta missed the Spice Girls. I vaguely recall feminist analyses of Spice Girl flavoured “Girl Power”, but I didn’t hear “Wannabe” until a few years ago. It’s reasonably catchy and as I’m a sucker for long takes I rather enjoy the music video:

There are fundamental challenges with attempts to reclaim female sexuality under conditions of patriarchy. This point goes back at least to the sexual revolution wherein conceptions of sexual liberation often included various sorts of diminished consent for or sexual exploitation of women. Such challenges are, I now think, inevitable and we should take wins when we get them to the degree that they are wins. What threw “Wannabe” back on my radar is this reimagining of the video by the Global Goals into something unambiguously feminist:

This makes me just so happy! It’s wonderfully global and perfectly direct in the messages.

There are quite a few covers of “Wannabe” out there (including far too many thrash punk ones), but this Brazilian one seems the most interesting, esp. given that they did a translation:

And, of course, let’s not forget Adele talking about the Spice Girls (and singing along to “Wannabe”) on Carpool Karaoke:

(Sigh. WordPress doesn’t understand YouTube’s “link to a time point” feature. Follow the link if you want to jump to the Spice Girls bit.)