Music Monday (backdated): The Musical Museum in London

We’re post-brexitpocolypes, which I’ve mostly been bemoaning on my Facebook feed. I have thoughts about various aspects which I might post at some point.

But, I had a musical experience well worth sharing! We are were in London on Sunday with Zoe’s father (who came over for a friends’ 50th wedding anniversary) and after visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew (well worth exploring!), we wanted a quick hit museum and found that the Musical Museum was close and open. When in Brussels to see the flower carpet, we very much enjoyed the Musical Instruments Museum, so the Musical Museum seemed like a no brainer. Which it was! It was wonderful.

The Musical Museum is a collection of automated, mostly mechanical instruments. Think music boxes and player pianos, but also a player organ which takes up several rooms, lots of mechanical orchestras, and a machine that plays two violins! The tour guide plays the instruments, so you get to hear them and see their guts moving. Our guide, Roy, was wonderful with lots of personal touches.

Mechanical music box/toy videos are cool, but the real things are just amazing. Complex, delicate, and beautiful, while often being able to produce tremendous sounds. Well worth your visit!