Music Monday: Midsummer Hymn

One of my favourite things about the Zoe songbook is the set of holiday songs. Aside from being wonderful, she’s quirky in her holidays (and obviously, I share and/or live with such quirks!).

Today’s the summer solstice and she has a song for it:

Now the days are long and pleasant
Do not waste the light
Take these moments as a present
offered up for our delight
Take the gifts the Summer brings us
early dawn and dusk that lingers
Let them not slip through our fingers
Do not waste the light

Now the earth is rich with plenty
Do not waste the light
Gather in the Summer’s bounty
ere the season takes her flight
Mow the hay and seek the berry,
tread the grape and pluck the cherry
Once she’s done, she will not tarry
Do not waste the light

Lovely words, lovely thoughts, and a lovely tune! (Berry/cherry/tarry is a great rhyme sequence!)

At some point, I’ll do a full compendium of her holiday and seasonal songs.

Of course, in the (mid) north of the UK, the summer days are insanely long. I used to complain that my productivity dropped in summer because the all-nighters were too short! But…after 10 years, I’ve gotten used to it. Indeed, the shorter summer days in the Philly area feel sort of weird.

The biggest gain of summer in Manchester: NO HORRIBLE HEAT AND HUMIDITY PITS! I don’t use air conditioning in the UK. Enough said.

The biggest loss: Fireflies. We ain’t got ’em and I love ’em.