Music Monday: Zoe’s Kickstarter SUCCESS!

The Kickstarter campaign is now over and not only was it fully funded, but we met two stretch goals ($1500 for US radio promotion and $1500 for UK radio promotion). Thanks to all 196 backers and indeed to all the people who put up with my nagging and pleading about it. The results should be well worth it.

One of the songs forthcoming is a cover of the Red Clay Rambler’s “The Queen Of Skye” from their absolutely wonderful album Rambler(You can listen to a snippet of the original from the AllMusic page. Check out “Cotten-eyed Joe”, “One Rose/Hot Buttered Rum”, and “Black Smoke Train” as stand outs, but really the whole album is worth a listen.)

Interestingly, Zoe’s vocal line tracks the harmony rather than the melody, since the harmony fits her voice better. I find it rather striking and strange coming off a million listens of the Rambler’s version (and having heard her cover the melody before). (Strange in a good way!)

Other notable Zoecovers, Vincent Black Lightening:

She also does a very nifty version of Blackbird (for which I don’t believe there’s a video…here’s Paul doing it):

She uses banjo and interleaves a story about waiting for the last train back to Manchester. The story and song engage in a kind of lyrical counterpoint: The story is funny, literal, and personal. The song is melancholy, metaphorical, and impersonal. in a certain way. That is, it’s not about any specific person or situation. It’s perhaps universal via the metaphor, but I think it’s more a kind of de-personalised fiction as well as a metaphor. Indeed, the metaphor is contested.

However, juxtaposing the two allows the qualities of each side to inform the other.