Music Monday: Zoe’s New Album Kickstarter #3

Well, today I finally got antibiotics for the respiratory/other body part infection that’s plagued me for over a month. I had a good initial reaction so I’m hopeful. The last couple of days have been horrible and horribly exhausting.

But the good news: Zoe’s “Small Brown Birds” Kickstarter campaign is now fully funded! Woohoo! We made it in 10 days, which is really nice. This has been by far the easiest fundraising for an album with the best result that we ever did. Yay!

As is natural, the campaign has gone into a bit of a lull (Zoe’s travelling and I’ve been bed ridden). Just because we made our nut doesn’t mean that further pledges aren’t useful! We now have stretch goals which aim at publicity. From the updated campaign description:

Now that we’ve met the initial goal, further pledges will go toward radio promotion. In addition to the cost of mailing physical CD’s, this is an area where it really pays to hire someone who is good at it.

  • $1500 will cover the very targeted promotion, mostly in the US, that I have had for my previous albums.
  • $3000 will allow me to add targeted promotion in the UK.
  • $4500 will allow me to more than double the number of stations that receive the CD and get better exposure in Europe.

Zoe actually gets a fair bit of radio play on the strength of these mailings. She regularly hits the FolkDJ top 10 in years with a CD release. These bring new listeners and sometimes new gigs in new areas.

Zoe has produced a video with one of the new songs on it! Share and enjoy! And if you like it, pledge!

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