Music Monday: New Zoe Album Kickstarter, Week 2

The campaign is doing great!

One week in and we’re 79% funded ($4,970 by 89 backers)! I’m very hopeful we’ll hit and even exceed the goal.

One interesting phenomenon I’ve observed is that salutary psychological benefits of the campaign: Zoe’s really feeling validated and stoked by the response. That’s no small thing, as making an album is really hard, creatively speaking, and this sort of encouragement is really helpful. (I mean, the cash obviously makes things easier, but the psychological benefits are on top of that. If this campaign were slow and painful, with lots of begging and pleading, and small trickles of pledges resulting in the same amount of money, it would have a very different effect psychologically.)

Relatedly, the premiums are a useful forcing function to get some things done that we’ve been pondering for quite some time.

We’re working on a song video for the next round of Kickstarter solicitation, but it’s not quite ready yet, so I’ll just post this “Song kitchen” video of “One Damn Thing” (which is slated for the album):

We’ve crowd funded (at least partially) most of the prior albums, usually with presales of some sort or another. Travelling Moon (her first fully produced album) was largely funded by pledges gathered at a house concert.
Kickstarter and like platforms makes it all a hell of a lot easier!
Oh, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in ’t!

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