Music Monday: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (from Anomalisa)

Anomalisa is a pretty amazing, if creepy, film. (See it. See it in a movie theatre!)

A key transition is when Lisa sings “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”:

Listening to it outside the long build of the first part of the film really undercuts its power. While it is a fun song (that goes on a bit long in the original; ok, a lot long), what makes this performance so affecting is hearing her distinctive (in that world) voice. As a singer, Jennifer Jason Leigh (check out the behind the scenes video) isn’t doing much interesting here (even when she sings it in Italian). But hers is the only distinctive voice in Michael Stone’s universe. It stands out above everyone else’s regardless of their relationship to him. Though her voice (to us) isn’t a one in a million, for him (and us as viewers) it is. Thus, you can’t divorce the performance from the rest of the film.

Here’s one collection of covers:

By and large they range from awful to forgettable for me. Even the original gets a bit tedious. Miley Cyrus’s is at least rather tight and quick, which helps, though overproduced (way too much annoying strings).