Music Monday: Dar Williams’ Alleluia

Posting has been sparse the past few weeks. I had a sudden onset, killer tension headache that also grabbed my neck before working its malevolent way down to my lower back. Things seem mostly better now, so maybe I’ll get back on track.

I was going to try for some sort of Easter song, but it was not being very pleasant to try to find one. So I’m falling back on my absolute favourite “Alleluia” song:

Of course, it’s not especially Eastery, but who cares! Punk angels are awesome:

But there she was this morning, getting fitted for her wings
Leather boots, magenta hair and saying nasty things
I’d say she was an Angel but it’s stupid and it’s obvious
I said you’ll hate it here ’cause we’re the only ones like us
It’s crypto-fascist mania, it’s silicon deliria
Yeah, she said, you’re right, but I like the cafeteria

But the best bit (in a treasure trove of terrific bits…cf the interaction with God), is the portrayal of the regular angels making the same har-har-har joke over and over again:

The waves are perfect and the sun will always shine
But there’s got to be more to death than surfing all the time
I know the signs of self-destruction so I try to stop each new kid
Don’t be like me, forever young, forever stupid
Yeah, I found love here but I’ll bet you’ll find it there
Where they don’t always make the same joke
Gee you make a heavenly pair

This is the perfect depiction of the problem of heaven. No wonder Christ came back!