Music Monday: Bad Idea from The Waitress

I’m very excited for the new musical The Waitress.  I’ve never seen the movie (by the tragically murdered, Adrienne Shelly), but Sara Bareilles has released a “Sara Bareilles” version of her score. There’s lots of great stuff (I love the opening!), but the stand out song is Bad Idea:

The chorus (well, C part?) is a wonderful build:

Stop racing
Let’s face it, making mistakes
Like this will make worse what was already pretty bad
Mind, stop running
It’s time we just let this thing go
It was a pretty good bad idea, wasn’t it though?

The Broadway production will be a milestone: “With music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, book by Jessie Nelson, choreography by Lorin Latarro, and direction by Diane Paulus, Waitress makes history in Broadway with the four top creative spots in a show being filled by four women.”

Good thing that it looks and sounds to be awesome!


I have this album (and esp. this song) on loop. The character evolution in the song is, naturally, giving into the bad idea. But I’m feeling the need for that right now:

Heart, keep racing
Let’s make mistakes
Let us say “so what?” and make worse what was already pretty bad
This secret is safe
No reason to throw it away when there’s love to be had
Hold me tight as I tell myself that you might make sense
And make good what has just been so bad
Let’s see this through
It’s a pretty good bad idea
Me and you

I love the recognition that it’s still a very bad idea.