Democrats Abroad Primary

Today/yesterday/that is Monday March 9th 2016 was the deadline to send in ballots for the Democratic “Democrats Abroad” Primary. Since Zoe and I live in the UK, that’s our primary.

I ended up voting for Sanders, because 1) I think Clinton has it locked up and thus 2) pulling her even more to the left is my current aim (after getting her elected). Sanders says a lot of stuff that I like (though I have qualms about some bits and pieces and suspect he’s a bit too pollyannaleftist; of course, that makes him a good primary candidate) and I think esp. on economics and foreign policy  he’s a good way to say to Clinton, “Hey! Remember there’s a chunk of your coalition that has some qualms with some of your positions!”

Even, contrary to the odds as I see them, Sanders wins the nomination, I think he’ll do fine in the general. So I don’t think there’s any real risk in voting for him in the primary.

I feel a bit sad at not voting for Clinton, mostly for solidarity and history reasons. As John Cole elaborates in his discussion of his decision, blacks are breaking heavily for Clinton (though, Sanders vs. Clinton is much more young voters vs. older voters). And, of course, I’m super excited for a woman president. (Sanders breaks breaks the Christianity stranglehold on the presidency, but I find that a bit less interesting at the moment.)

This choice was pleasant for me. The candidates are close enough that I feel pretty positively enthused to vote in the general (in addition to the strong moral duty to oppose the Republican disaster machine). Are either my ideal? No. Are they pretty reasonable given the realities of the US system and the Democratic coalition? Yep!

My nail biting commences for the general.