Music Monday: Born to be Wild

I was unreasonably excited to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies after seeing the first trailer:

I’m a superduper Austen fan, though I’ve not seen an adaption that I much cared for. I didn’t read the book because, meh. Was it really going to be worth reading instead of just reading Pride and Prejudice again?

But this trailer! THE TRAILER WAS AWESOME! I love the Bennett sisters suiting up for ball and battle. And the music was perfect! The whole recording is a bit tricky to track down (though, of course, YouTubers to the rescue):

Blu Holliday has quite a set of pipes! And isn’t afraid to use ’em. The key bit used in the trailer starts at the 1:57 mark.

It’s so moody and intense. Holliday uses some vocal breathiness without every seeming weak or demure. She certainly pushes the melisma, sometimes in full throttle, but I don’t find it distraction. (Of course, there’s a fair bit in the original.)

The arrangement is excellent although too complex to go into right now. In the last minute, it’s quite interesting to listen to how Holliday last cries of “Wild” slowly go into the background as supporting texture, then disappear.

I wish more of the spirit of the trailer made its way into the movie. The movie is fun, though, and as Zoe said, “It’s one of the better adaptions of Jane Austen out there, in spite of the Zombies.”

J2 and Holliday’s version obliterates the original for me:

I don’t know that this is usual for me. I tend to prefer the first version of a song that I heard. I never much cared for “Born to be Wild” though it’s catchy enough. I find the Holliday version rather compelling, in contrast.

Update: I wish Diva Devotee would do a profile of her voice. I find the various profiles very interesting to read, even if I only get a small fraction of it.


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